Something Else to Consider

So in addition to figuring out what grad school option makes the most sense for me, another major battle going on in my head is whether or not I should go on medication.  Before I went into residential treatment I was extremely against the idea of any sort of psychiatric treatment, and thought that if I had a problem I needed to solve it on my own.  When I entered the inpatient program it seemed that everyone was on some sort of drug therapy.  I was given a prescription for a drug I could take to stop my anxiety right before meals, but since my anxiety did not particularly spike then I hardly ever took it because it made me feel so lethargic.   Now my current therapist is really pushing me to go on medication for anxiety/depression and I am unsure of what to do.  I don’t know why I am so scared of being on meds.  Maybe its giving up control that I am afraid of.  Every time my therapist brings up medication it is less of a discussion and more of you really need to do xyz.    I wish I could talk to my mom about all of this, but she tends to have very strong reactions to things and I am afraid that if I mention medication to her she’ll assume things are really, really bad right now with me, which there not, and go into high alert mode.  One thing I am sure of is that if I do on medication it will be while I am back at school so that I could see my therapist consistently and not bounce around from dr to dr as I switch from home to school.

Have you ever considered medication?  If you’re on it have you found it helpful?


One response to “Something Else to Consider

  1. Hey Alexandra, it’s crucesdefuego from LS – your blog is lovely! So positive. And it reminds me so much of stuff I have to deal with – bombing backwards and forwards between doctors at school and doctors at home…in fact this year I’ve had the added delight of living first for 5 months in Portugal, and then for another 8 months in South America, as part of my degree – I’ve seen so many different doctors (in various different languages) that I’ve lost count!

    I really think medication can help. Anti-depressants have certainly saved my life at different points. I’ve been on various different meds, but at the moment I take Prozac, which I think has been the best so far. I have bipolar disorder II so I also take a mood stabiliser, and I have Xanax for panic attacks. Certainly they’re not a fix-all, and they don’t get me “up” or anything, but they keep me stable and thinking positively in negative situations, and they greatly lessen my anxiety, including that around food and eating, to the point that these days I eat pretty much like a “normal” person with only occasional food-based struggles. An important factor is that most anti-depressants can take about 4-6 weeks to kick in, so if you do decide to try them, don’t give up in the first few weeks because they’re “not working”.

    Anyway I wish you the best and I’ll keep reading your blog!

    Ellie xx

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