On Cloud 8

This morning I ran further than I ever have in my entire life.  With my half marathon fast approaching I knew I needed to start stepping up the distance that I am running, but I have bene hesitant to do so for a couple of reasons.  I was scared that my parents would freak out about the distance I am running.  I was scared that my hunger would be out of control from longer runs.  I was scared that  I would have to consume “extra fuel” before my run in order to perform at my best.  Today, however, I put my fears aside and I did it.  I ate a dinner with a sufficient amount of carbs last night, I woke up early to eat a piece of toast with peanut butter before I left on my run, and I came back and ate a reasonable breakfast like I normally would.  And you know what, it felt great!  There were a couple of instances while I was eating my toast this morning that I considered throwing it out and just leaving for my run, but I didn’t.  I finished my toast and left on what was a challenging, yet fun training run.  I don’t know how things would have gone if I just left on my run without any sort of fuel or fluids first and I don’t want to.  I need to remember that I need to “eat to run” and not “run to eat.”   This half marathon will not be possible if I don’t take care of myself and I have come too far to go back now.  Clearly the old way I was doing things was not responsible by any means, and I need to stick with this new approach.   My run today gave me a huge boost of confidence in my ability to complete this half marathon, and that in the process I can take care of my body and give it what  it needs.


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