Doing Right By Me

Yesterday I had the option of waking up early before work/class to go on my run or wait until my break in the afternoon around 4.  Naturally I chose to sleep in for an extra hour and tackle my 5 mile run in the afternoon.  As the day went on I began to get anxious about how this run would actually go.  For starters it was a little warmer than I had expected it to be, but that wasn’t really what was making me worried as I knew that a little extra sweat never hurt anyone.  No, what I was really worried about was how much I had eaten that day.  I had my favorite cereal combination for breakfast, a small mid morning snack, a few bites of some treats as I walked through my school’s service fair looking for volunteer opportunities, and then the kicker a really filling/dense lunch about an hour and a half before it was time for me to run.  I was so nervous that this would sit like a rock in my stomach and I definitely took my time getting ready to leave.  Eventually I decided it was now or never and that I should just get out there and see what happens and listen to my body if it’s just not gonna happen.  I also decided to do this run without an ipod to remove time pressures and just enjoy the experience of running.

To my complete surprise I had an absolutely amazing run!  My body felt so strong and it was nice to unplug and just be in the moment.  I was able to soak in my surroundings and it was a comfort to know that I didn’t need the musical distraction or input to keep my pace up.  When I started to notice how incredible my legs felt during this run I immediately looked for reasons to explain it.  The only credible thing I can come up with, is the thing that almost stopped me from running completely.  My food intake for the day was not extreme like I had originally thought, it was actually the opposite.  I actually fueled my body properly and it felt amazing!  When I compare the disaster that was Monday morning’s 6 miles (on no pre-run fuel) to yesterday’s 5 miles with an adequate calorie intake before running, I now know what I need to do differently.  I am now making a more concerted effort to step up my fueling and nutrition so that I can perform in a way that leaves me feeling strong and confident!  So far I’m off to a good start.  I am not promising a full 180 over night, but I definitely am making little tweaks here and there.  Ahhh! gotta run to my night class but stay tuned for more updates!


One response to “Doing Right By Me

  1. Well done! Starting a run well fueled is really a very kind thing to do for yourself, keep it up!

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