It is possible…

…for it to be a challenge every time I run?  Yes my ability to run farther and faster has definitely improved over the past few weeks of training, but it still feels like a challenge every single time I lace up my sneakers for a run.  I read some blogs where people say they just went on an “easy 3 mile run,” but for me I seem to find my runs equally challenging.  Sure, after my 12 mile run I was a lot more tired/hungry afterward :), but during the actual run itself it felt no different from one the days I have a quick 3 miles planned.  Each time I get out there I give it my all.  On my longer run days I mentally break the run up into smaller sections, which really helps me keep my pace up throughout the entire run.  On my short runs, I tend to have the mindset of “well, it is such a short distance so might as well just run hard.”  This method of training has allowed me to finish all of my runs, no matter the distance, maintaining a pace anywhere from 8:15-9 minute miles.  This is the sort of pace I want to have for my half marathon, but was consistently running at that pace bad?  I have done a few speed workouts/cross trained quite a bit to mix things up, but when I go outside on a run its always the same.  It is hard for me to accurately pace myself while running since I do not have a fancy running watch to track my time/distance, so I usually just do as best I can and push myself.  It is only after the fact that I calculate my pace per mile.   What I want to know, is am I doing myself a disservice by pushing myself on every run?  I know that I could run on the treadmill and therefore easily control my pace and force myself to run more slowly the entire time, but just the thought of that is like torture…

Any feedback?


2 responses to “It is possible…

  1. I don’t really know about running but I can see how its possible to challenge yourself for every run. I guess that would only be an issue if it could eventually burn you out over time and then affect your runs. I’m not sure though. Impressive that you can maintain the same pace no matter the distance.

    • Thanks for the feedback! It seems like I’m still in that warm fuzzy place with running so most of my runs still feel good. It will be nice when this race is over though and I can get back into spinning and other cross training activities I enjoy.

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